In today’s complex environment, many consumers feel the need for an emotional reboot by taking more time for themselves and reconnecting to their sensations. Cosmetics contribute to this well-being: thanks to their sensoriality and textures, they bring pleasure and moments of relaxation. They bring immediate well-being and awaken positive emotions for long-term well-being.

On the occasion of COSMET'AGORA, Seppic sought to meet these expectations by creating formulas dedicated to happiness and well-being.

The transforming formula COSMOS SKIN BLISS has a rich initial texture that releases an aqueous film after spreading. Its quick absorption leaves a refreshing bare skin effect. This multifunctional product adapts to all needs. This formula uses the patented GELTRAPTM technology, an emulsion with an extra water-rich gelled internal aqueous phase, appreciated by all geographical areas. On the anti-aging side, the formula boosts self-esteem with ASPAR'AGETM, helping consumers feeling younger (confirmed by personal, instrumental and observer evaluations). It's a dose of good mood in a tube!

Always on the lookout for immediate well-being, consumers are looking for skincare products that suit their needs and desires. The refreshing Fresh Water Drop provides immediate pleasure thanks to the quick break effect of the SEPINOVTM WEO polymer. Moreover, it contains ANTILEUKINE 6TM, an oily active ingredient named "golden algae", soothing and protecting the skin after sun exposure. A dose of freshness and well- being that brings a boost!

For consumers who are interested in a holistic approach to body and mind, the HAPPY SKIN kit is ideal. It contains a "pro-aging" cosmetic care that stimulates hearing, smell, sight with the appearance of a pink foam and a soft and comfortable touch thanks to the combination of EMOGREENTM, MONTANOVTM 202 and SEPIMAX ZENTM for a unique multi-sensory experience; and for taste, it is accompanied by nutritive gums containing CERAMOSIDESTM, an anti-aging active from Seppic's nutrition expertise. The cosmetic care contains the cosmetic grade CERAMOSIDESTM HP. This "inside & out" beauty routine is thus global.

At a time when consumers are looking for a sensory and emotional experience in cosmetics, Seppic innovates by inspiring its customers through its "Happy Cosmetic" collection and invites them to rediscover its ingredients that "boost" positive emotions. Three other formulas combining cosmetics and emotions are also available in our kit for additional beauty experiences.

Seppic in brief

A company of Air Liquide Healthcare, Seppic has been designing, producing and distributing for more than 75 years a wide range of specialty ingredients for health and beauty. Present in 100 countries through its subsidiaries and its network of distributors, Seppic employs more than 820 people worldwide, including 110 employees dedicated to innovation.

Air Liquide Healthcare

Supplies medical gases, home healthcare services, medical equipment and specialty ingredients.

In 2020, it served over 15,000 hospitals and clinics and more than 1.8 million patients at home throughout the world. The Group’s Healthcare business reached €3,724 million in revenues in 2020, with the support of its 15,600 employees.

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