State-of-the-art in Capacitance Imaging – New MoistureMap MM 200

The hydration distribution on the skin surface gives valuable information on the efficacy of cosmetic products and the micro-topography of the skin. Featuring new hard- and software the MoistureMap MM 200facilitates taking high quality images and their evaluation: 

  • very flat sensorsurface without metal rim 
  • capture-functionon the probe handle
  • new moisture homogeneitydistribution value
  • permittivityresult
  • multiple topographic measurements(polygon size, corner density, anisotropy index)
  • impressive ”3 D” style images
  • selection of an ROIand comparison of 2 ROIs in one image 

These and more advantages make it a very flexible instrument for cosmetology and dermatology.

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Drop Shape Analysis for the Determination of Wettability

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The Drop Angle Meter DM 300 is a unique new instrument to assess the wettability, the free surface energy, the tension and the hydrophilic/hydrophobic properties of a surface like the skin. By characterizing the shape of an applied drop several parameters and results can be obtained for assessing:

  • Effect of products on skin & hair (degreasing, washing, moisturizing)
  • Water resistance of products (e.g. sunscreen)
  • Spreadability of products
  • Water repellence of products (e.g. lip gloss, nail polish)
  • Tissue Engineering, e.g. skin grafts for scars (improved adhesion of cells with increased wettability

The convenient hard- and software offer a new approach for the analysis of skin or other materials.

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Founded in 1986, by Mr. Wilfried Courage and Prof. h.c. Gabriel Khazaka, Courage + Khazaka electronic GmbH introduced the first scientific measurement tools to objectively quantify parameters on the skin. Until today we have always been the world market leader in this field. Nobody else offers such a complete range of measurement parameters. Even after more than 35 years, we are still a family-owned company and are dedicated to constantly developing new parameters for skin & hair. Every year, C+K products are delivered in more than 70 countries around the globe.

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