Common eyebright, arnica and spruce shoots are real all-rounders in the manufacture of cosmetic products and remedies. However, the increasing demand bears the risk of wild stocks being decimated by overuse. For this reason, naturamus GmbH has chosen the following path: regional as well as partially certified collections under strict sustainability aspects. 

A wide variety of active ingredients give the plants astonishing healing powers and cosmetic applications. For example, the anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect of arnica is used in wound wipes, ointments and various care oils. Eyebright, on the other hand, is used for inflammations and over-irritations of the eye area as well as several eye creams, while young spruce shoot tips can unfold their strong circulation-boosting effect as well as expectorant and cough-relieving effects in syrups and relaxing baths. 

With the increasing awareness of sustainable development, environmental protection and healthy living, the market of collecting and trading wild plants has also increased in recent years. Germany is one of the leading importing countries to meet the growing demand from sectors of the medicinal products and aroma industry. Especially under the growth aspect, it is therefore necessary to ensure social justice within the supply chain, high quality as well as gentle sourcing. Without a strong focus on proper harvesting and knowledge of ecosystem relationships, some species will be severely endangered by wild collection and there is a risk that many populations will simply become extinct. Thus, end products that are advertised as sustainable through natural ingredients may not live up to this promise.

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naturamus goes a step ahead and offers fresh plants from regional controlled wild collections. Only a specific quantity of wild plants is being collected to ensure a stable population of each species, also for the next season. The focus is on extensive management of grasslands and strict monitoring throughout the year. Through this management naturamus could observe an increase of some wild plants as well as a general higher biodiversity on the field. The wildlife collection experts know the areas by heart and are always optimizing the processes, such as the currently running organic certification of some areas. 

In Germany, too, we have to contend with increasing environmental pressures and the effects of climatic changes. Precipitation and temperature fluctuations as well as increasing pollution levels are not only causing a species and biodiversity decline. Pollutants can also accumulate in the plants, for example through drift, which can affect the quality and safety of the products in the subsequent processing steps. For this reason, every harvested batch is rigorously analyzed in the laboratory for pollutants such as heavy metals or pesticides. In order to be able to guarantee high quality and acceptance safety in the future, we draw on more than 40 years of experience in the selection of plants and locations. 

What does not thrive in the immediate surrounding of the operating site of naturamus GmbH is being obtained from long-lasting partnerships worldwide. These raw material producers operate according to holistic social and sustainability standards. Thus, in countries with a severe low-wage sector, ecological cultivation and increasing resilience of society are supported in an eye-to-eye level cooperation. 

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