Life in the city is a challenge for us and our skin. Every now and then we need a break. The positive effects of walks in the countryside have convincingly been proven in scientific studies. They calm us down, improve our mood and the daylight boosts our vitamin D level. It’s not always possible to enjoy nature to its fullest, however. An effective skincare ritual blending science and nature is the perfect step to take us there.

Pollution is on top of our minds when we think about cities but it is just the tip of the iceberg, though. Working and living indoors, in heated or air-conditioned rooms, has also a big impact on skin. A lack of exposure to the sun and the dry environment we live in, compromise the quality of the skin significantly. Skin dries out, becomes more sensitive and can show more wrinkles. Immune competence and barrier function are impaired, and the skin microbiome is more fragile because it is not as diverse as in people who live in rural regions. The stress hormones we produce when we are under psychological strain significantly aggravate the situation.

A skincare product always has to be effective and is expected to provide a solution to a skin problem. Simultaneously, the modern urban consumer hopes to improve mental well-being and ideally would like to do also something good for the environment – highly effective and goal-oriented ingredients are needed. We at CLR put a large focus on developing active ingredients fitting this profile.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Dream of a sunny summer day and discover a care routine that intensively nourishes, protects and keeps your city-stressed skin in balance and gives you the feeling of a sunny summer day.

Slow Down Regenerative Mask

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Daily stress caused by busy urban lifestyles lead to a lack of time for yourself. A face mask is the perfect way to combine self-care and goal-oriented skincare. This effective Jelly Gel Mask pampers stressed skin with a holistic sensorial experience. The combination of three highly effective active ingredients provides skin with all it needs to maintain health and well-being.

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Take Me Out Foundation

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A smooth even complexion is vital for a radiant look. Our Take Me Out Foundation enhances the natural beauty of the skin while providing the skin with moisture, care and a subtle glow.

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