Fermentation is a trend. In recent years, the number of fermentation claims for cosmetic products has risen sharply and the advantages of fermented active ingredients are also increasingly being examined in the media. The drivers of the trend are several developments in consumer behavior. On the one hand, the pandemic has significantly strengthened health awareness. The skin barrier and the skin's immune system have become increasingly important. On the other hand, sustainability aspects of products are playing an essential role. And finally, consumers are looking for support in an uncertain and increasingly complex world, both in traditions and in science.

Fermentation is the biochemical conversion of ingredients by bacteria and enzymes. It is a natural process that combines the best of nature, technology and innovation. Fermentation has been used in Asia for centuries as a method of food preservation and has been adopted to skincare. Based on ancient tradition, fermented ingredients are next-generation natural ingredients to improve and maintain skin health and overall well-being.

We ferment probiotic bacteria and algae. Both processes preserve natural resources. Through the fermentation process we are able to obtain highly effective extracts for our active ingredients from only small amounts of raw material.

The fermentation process enhances the effectiveness of natural ingredients by improving the quality of active phytochemicals. It mimics skin cell functions to protect and improve skin's metabolism, which is required for healthy skin. Fermentation, purification and fragmentation to obtain highly effective lysates require extreme precision and total control of the process parameters. High-tech equipment and highly educated production personnel allow for goal-oriented and sustainable production. We have more than 40 years of experience in this field.

Discover our solutions for fermented beauty:

Keep Your Balance Day Shot

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This ampoule treatment provides skin with everything it needs throughout the day in a stressful environment. The smart combination of CutiGuard CLR™, ProRenew Complex CLR™ and AnnonaSense CLR™ balances the skin and it’s microbiota and protects it from the main influences on skin aging.

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Time Out 2-in-1 Perfect Skin Mask

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This 2-in-1 Mask can be used either as peel-off mask or as cleanser. The purifying effect of kaolin has a positive effect on the skin quality. Leaving the formulation on the skin for ten minutes turns the product into a perfect mask for dehydrated and acne-prone skin. As a cleanser it will fight impurities and prepares the skin perfectly for further skin care steps.

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