IMCD Group (“IMCD”), a leading distributor of speciality chemicals and ingredients, today launched the first IMCD Beauty & Personal Care application laboratory in the United Kingdom. The new facility, filled with the latest equipment, will serve cosmetic manufacturers and brands across the UK and Ireland, providing comprehensive technical support to create a variety of innovative personal care formulations.

“Providing a dedicated UK lab will allow us to collaborate even more closely with our partners to develop formulations that keep them ahead of the curve while exploring creative opportunities to capture the Beauty & Personal Care market,” said Paul Hanbury, Managing Director, IMCD UK. “Our technical experts will boast a library of innovative formulations which are ready to deploy. This ability to provide a rapid response will help our customers stay ahead of the curve and deliver from concept to launch in record time. IMCD UK is a global leader in the Beauty & Personal Care industry, with deep routed connections with chemists, marketing departments and brand owners. These relationships help us to break down the chemistry of raw materials and ensure science used in end-products are understandable and easy to market,” added Hanbury.

“The capabilities of this lab will allow us to make tailored formulations for successful cosmetic products, and further expand our global network of beauty experts who work with all our partners to develop and test innovative product prototypes on a more local level. The UK laboratory will be of huge benefit to our customers who will gain hands-on experience through marketing and technical seminars to further inspire them and keep up with the growing trend for fast beauty. While our principals will have the opportunity to partner with us and run a full range of testing including challenge testing, SPF in vitro testing, stability testing and compatibility testing, in the pursuit of tomorrow’s beauty,” commented Irene Cantos, Business Group Director, IMCD Beauty & Personal Care. The laboratory is part of IMCD Beauty & Personal Care’s global network of application laboratories each designed to assist customers and suppliers by providing formulation training, support, and guidance alongside innovative materials and concepts.


About IMCD Group 

The IMCD Group, based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is a global market leader in the marketing, sales, and distribution of speciality chemicals and ingredients. Its result-driven professionals provide market-focused solutions to suppliers and customers across EMEA, Americas and Asia-Pacific, offering comprehensive product portfolios ranging from home, industrial and institutional care, beauty and personal care, food and nutrition and pharmaceuticals to lubricants and energy, coatings and construction, advanced materials, and industrial solutions.

The IMCD Group realised revenues of EUR 3,435 million in 2021 with more than 3,700 employees in over 50 countries. IMCD's dedicated team of technical and commercial experts work in close partnership to tailor best-in-class solutions and provide value through expertise for around 56,000 customers and a diverse

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