In Personal Care products, the claim of avoiding Sulfates is very much related with mild products. However, more frequently the claim is linked to sustainable formulations that do not contain PEG derivatives which originate from petrochemistry and may contain undesirable impurities. In this context, achieving a product with the desirable viscosity has become one of the most challenging parts of the formulation development; conventional electrolytes do not usually work with Sulfate-Free surfactants, natural polymers may provide unappealing textures and PEG derived surfactants are not an option on this sustainable environment.

At Kao Chemicals Europe we are pleased to offer EXCEPARL LM-LC (Lauryl Lactate), a natural thickener that provides high viscosity levels in most of the common Sulfate-Free systems. This ingredient not only builds up viscosity efficiently, but it also ensures a good viscosity stability with temperature for a long period of time. 

Besides the thickening ability, EXCEPARL LM-LC also offers additional properties like emolliency and nice sensory feelings, which make it an ideal ingredient for a wide range of applications such as skin care and sun care.

EXCEPARL LM-LC has a completely eco-friendly profile for being 100% natural, readily biodegradable, 100% active and cold-processable.

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