Wabi-Sabi is a form of Japanese aesthetic originated in the 16th century. It is about a concept which denotes a kind of beauty characterized by simplicity, transcience and imperfection.

Wabi-Sabi internalizes that nothing is perfect, nothing stands still, and nothing is forever. Today, wabi is understood as silence and sabi as the attitude of accepting mistakes and shortcomings and seeing them as beautiful and elegant. The Japanese ideal of beauty doees not lie in unity and perfect symmetry, but in naturalness. Taking Wabi Sabi to heart is about seeing the special and beautiful in imperfect things, in aging, even in broken things. Time and experience have their own beauty and the imperfections we’ve picked up are part of our story.

Consumers tend to go away from looking younger than their age with professional help, it is increasingly about looking the best way at any age. The acceptance of the signs of aging is rising and the change from anti-aging to well or better aging is just the beginning. "Well-aging" is the science of vital aging. It is the combination of physical, mental and spiritual health combined with lifelong personal growth. It gives us satisfaction, profound fulfillment and vitality into old age.

To age well and make us feel comfortable our skin needs highly effective active ingredients that optimally support skin’s functionality. At CLR, we focus on active ingredients that keep skin healthy and offer a wide range of solutions – from preventive to repairing approaches.

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As Unique As Me-DIY Face Mask

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Every person has different skin issues and the individual skin needs can vary even from day to day or from season to season. A perfect solution for an individual skin care is a face mask which can be adapted to the current skin needs. The powder base with MultiMoist CLR™ and CutiBiome CLR™ can be mixed with water to receive a perfect creamy basic care with moisturizing and balancing effects. Once applied, it leaves skin with a refreshing cooling effect. For personalization some drops of Belides™ ORG, ProRenew Complex CLR™ or AnnonaSense CLR™ can be added to the powder base to achieve individual results.

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HappyEye All-In-One Solution

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The HappyEye All-in-One Solution combines three smart active ingredients to fight all skin problems around the eye. Due to its film-forming and skin-protective properties, Maricol S is especially suitable for the care of dry and mature skin as well as skin stressed by negative environmental influences. JuvenEye CLR™ clearly reduces the visibility of dark circles and activates dermal draining for less puffy eyes. AnnonaSense CLR™ supports the delicate skin in regaining its homeostatic balance, making skin less sensitive.

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Ease Your Mind Serum

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This light bi-phase serum is the perfect step in your morning routine after cleansing.

CutiGuard CLR™ protects the skin cells from the main three influences on skin aging: external stress, internal stress and time. It reduces wrinkles and improves skin color evenness. AnnonaSense CLR™ reduces sensitivity and itching. It sustainably stabilizes a healthy homeostasis in skin, improving skin appearance and perception of well-being. MultiMoist CLR™ leaves the skin with a moisturized, silky and matt feeling. The contained carrot oil provides skin with a pleasant glow.

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