It’s time for a new wave of better aging skincare

When we talk about skin care for aging consumers, we are dealing with a completely different generation today. It is a generation that grew up with rock bands, which celebrated the sexual revolution and, even in old age, does not think about hiding and giving up their joie de vivre.

Consumers tend to go away from looking younger than their age with professional help, it is increasingly about looking the best way at any age. The acceptance of the signs of aging is rising and the change from anti-aging to well or better aging is just the beginning. “Well-aging” is the science of vital aging. It is the combination of physical, mental and spiritual health combined with lifelong personal growth. It gives us satisfaction, profound fulfillment and vitality into old age.

This new mentality challenges the anti-aging skin care market. Modern aging consumers are more interested in multifunctional products to keep skin moisturized and healthy, targeting their individual skin issues, and being increasingly skeptical about ‘fluffy’ marketing and claims, which promise miracles.

To age well and make us feel comfortable our skin needs highly effective active ingredients that optimally support skin’s functionality. At CLR, we focus on active ingredients that keep skin healthy and offer a wide range of solutions – from preventive to repairing approaches.

Don’t mind getting older – discover smart solutions from CLR
to look the best way at any age.

Happy Face Powder Cleanser

2173 02 CLR NL 23 01 PowderCleanser

Welcome to the cleansing revolution! Removing dirt and dead skin cells is an essential step to achieve smooth and healthy skin, but harsh cleansing products can compromise the skin’s barrier functions. The Happy Face Powder Cleanser has been developed to cleanse skin in a gentle but highly effective way while protecting the skin’s microbiota, its osmotic balance and youthful appearance.

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Radiant Skin Booster

2175 03 CLR NL 23 01 RadiantSkinBooster

With age, the skin changes with each year. The even skin tone becomes more irregular and the skin tone is more and more determined by pigment disorders such as age spots. The Radiant Skin Booster provides a smart combination of three highly effective active ingredients to improve visibly the ap¬pearance of your skin and give you a bright radiant and youthful look

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