Crises can make people analyse and change their values. This is what experts call the “Great Life Reset”, which could be defined as the drastic personal changes and a collective reboot of values, lifestyles, and goals triggered by a crisis. This mental and physical desire to reset is recently enhanced by the impact of the boom in digitalisation. Now, the lack of sleep and decreased time spent outside have left the consumer with the constant need to disconnect from the inevitable digital overdose and reconnect with one’s natural health.

On that same ‘reset’ note, human beings have always reset and synchronised their body thanks to the well-known circadian cycle. Although the suprachiasmatic nucleus is the main pacemaker responsible for controlling circadian rhythms, recent studies show the presence of peripheral circadian clocks in the epidermis. This rhythm-generating molecular circuitry is mainly controlled by a network of feedback loops composed of activators and repressors regulated by two key “clock genes”. Since alterations in our circadian biorhythm can affect the skin’s physiological metabolism, leading to signs of skin fatigue and aging, Provital presents Circanblue™: a natural biotech ingredient that truly ‘resets’ the paradigm of the effects of digital stress on the skin to achieve an integrated well-aging.

Circanblue™ is a biotechnological cosmetic ingredient obtained via a plant-based fermentation of Lactococcus lactis. The resulting lab-grown lysate of this probiotic bacterium is both a vegan and a postbiotic active with a 100% Natural Origin (ISO16128). This COSMOS-Approved active is standardised in total proteins and it has demonstrated its ability to induce an epidermal circadian resynchronisation in Human Primary Keratinocytes (HPK).

This study in vitro enabled the quantification of its chrono-protective effect by calculating the ability to restore the expression rhythm of two key circadian genes (CLOCK and CRY1) after perturbing the circadian rhythm with blue light exposure. Besides, as the levels of melatonin and its receptors decrease with age, so does the antioxidant capacity of our skin. To demonstrate the repairing capability of Circanblue™, Provital studied the induced significant upregulation of the expression of MTR1 (Melatonin Receptor on the skin) and SIRT1 (Sirtuin 1), which, added to its previously described effects on the resynchronisation of the circadian rhythm, create a holistic effect against premature skin aging.

Finally, the activity of Circanblue™ was also demonstrated thanks to an increase in the expression of NQO-1 and HMOX1. The significant upregulation of both detoxifying enzymes can be interpreted as an additional protective effect from the digital stress created by electronic devices, and the subsequent contribution of this active to skin well-aging.

All in all, Circanblue™ appears as the first postbiotic active to prove an integrated skin revitalisation in sync with our natural circadian rhythm after this has been altered by a digital overexposure.

Circanblue™, by Provital

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