SEBOCLEARTM-MP from RAHN received Gold in the category “most innovative raw material – natural products” of the BSB Innovation Prize for Cosmetics and Raw Materials 2018. Furthermore, it was given Silver and Bronze in the category „Innovation Zone Best Ingredient“ at the in-cosmetics global, Asia and Latin America in 2018. Last but not least, the Ringier Technology Innovation Award Personal care from China followed in 2019.
About the Awards
During in-cosmetics 2018 in Amsterdam, the BSB European Innovation Prizes were awarded for the 16th time by the independent German BSB – Beratungs- and Servicebüro Dr. Riedel. This innovation prize was brought to life with the aim to promote the global dissemination of up-to-date knowledge.
Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award honors the development of a novel active or functional ingredient that combines innovative science and product features, demonstrating benefits to manufacturers and end-users when compared with existing ingredients.

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SEBOCLEARTM-MP helps escape the vicious cycle of blemished skin: it optimizes the skin microbiota by selectively inhibiting the acne bacteria P. acnes and shuts down inflammation by suppressing the skin‘s key inflammation enzymes, COX-1, COX-2 and 5-LOX. It prevents 5α-reductase from forming DHT and resets the morphology of sebocytes to their original fibroblast-like shape in order to normalize sebum production. SEBOCLEARTM-MP is a multifunctional and natural active ingredient from the leaves of Maclura cochinchinensis. It gets to the root cause of oily skin, setting all levers in motion to prevent the formation of comedones and acne vulgaris. It shows retinol-like activity and provides even, youthful-looking skin.
Signs of acne
Over 30 % fewer comedones, papules and pustules as compared to placebo
Reduction of sebum
Over 40 % less sebum production by sebaceous glands as compared to placebo
Even, youthful-looking skin
42 % less crow‘s feet counts as compared to placebo 43 % more firmness as compared to placebo
Reduction of axillar malodour
32 % less axillar malodour after 6 hours as compared to placebo
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