BioAktive's Castolrline Wax Jelly continues to be a strong performer for the company among their line of core products.

Castorline Wax Jelly is BioAktive's vegetable derived alternative to petroleum jelly. Made completely from plant derived materials, Castorline has the touch and feel of a Petrolatum, but without petroleum.

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"We are seeing good and steady sales in most of Europe since we launched the product here last year" Says Robin Willmann, BioAktive Co-Founder and head of EU business. "Things have been going very well, particularly in Europe where there is a lot of interest in moving towards natural products. "

"We are also seeing a lot of interest now from other markets in Asia and North America and are planning to do a push in those markets in the second half of this year. In particular, our distribution partners in Asia are very keen on Castorline as they are on the other new core products in our portfolio."

Castorline is part of a new set of products BioAktive has brought to the market with a focus on naturals that are also highly functional. In addition to Castorline, there are products such as HydraMaxx and DermaMaxx as well as the very popular NatraSoft.

With the trend towards naturals becoming more popular around the world, as well as the shift away from using petroleum based products, Castorline is designed to fill this gap in the market, balancing the need for an alternative with an actual functional replacement.

"Getting the feel and behavior down was key" Robin Willmann says. "We needed a product that was going to not just be a natural claim on the label, but also something that would give real functionality. This product is a real alternative to petrolatum in many formulaitons. Of course some minor tweaking needs to be done, but in the end Castorline can really give a similar functionality in the end product."

To learn more about Castorline and download specifications, a product presentation and a free formulation, please Click Here.

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