• Patented active ingredient delivery system increases the bioavailability of natural whitening agents
  • Technical seminar hosted by B + S experts will provide insight into how the encapsulation of novel active ingredients works
  • Cosmetic specialities developed at its in-house Technology Center

From 23 to 25 October Berg + Schmidt will present a patented system for the encapsulation of natural whitening ingredients in lipids at its stand B380 at this year’s SEPAWA congress in Berlin. The distinguishing features of the product range marketed under the name BergaBright SmartLipids are high bioavailability and processability in cosmetic formulations. In a technical presentation at 12.30 pm on 23 October in SEPAWA Room 2, B + S product manager, Dr. Sabilla Digel, will explain how formulators can benefit from the heightened processability and a wide spectrum of action.

Natural whitening agents have already been used in traditional medicine and today they are equally suited to various applications in cosmetic formulations. One favourite is Glabridin, a natural active ingredient extracted from the liquorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra). Even at low concentrations it ensures an even complexion and lightens pigmentation spots rapidly and effectively. But in its untreated form, the powder is not readily soluble in oil or water and given its limited skin penetration, industrial applications are costly. Glabridin is, therefore, dependent on a carrier system to fully deploy its lightening effects. With BergaBright SmartLipids Glabridin, Berg + Schmidt have come up with a lipid-encapsulated format that ensures high bioavailability and easy processability. The technology enables the active ingredient to penetrate deeper into the skin and protects it from degradation over a longer period. This technology also can be applied to other active ingredients besides Glabridin.

In her SEPAWA presentation B + S product manager Dr. Sabilla Digel will explain how SmartLipids secure access to the full spectrum of action of Glabridin. In her presentation she will also outline the benefits which formulators can expect to derive from the SmartLipids technology. Find out more on our website.

In addition, at the SEPAWA Congress, Berg + Schmidt will present a number of other cosmetic specialities developed at the in-house Technology Center in Ahrensburg near Hamburg. Interested parties can obtain information on state-of-the-art solutions for peeling applications, sulphate-free surfactants, fractionated lecithins, natural emulsifiers and silicon alternatives. This year, the basic portfolio also encompasses fatty alcohols, fatty acids, fatty acid esters, castor oil derivatives and shea butter.

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About Berg + Schmidt

Berg + Schmidt is an old-established Hamburg company with more than 60 years’ experience in the development, production and worldwide distribution of lipids in the fields of animal nutrition, oleochemicals and cosmetics. Its basic portfolio encompasses an attractive spectrum of fatty alcohols, fatty acids, fatty acid esters, lecithin and shea butter. It addition, it offers cosmetic specialities such as emollients, viscosity agents, emulsion stabilisers and surfactants for innovative cosmetic products. Berg + Schmidt has affiliates in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and the USA. In Ouderkerk near Rotterdam Berg + Schmidt has a state-of-the-art high-grade steel tank facility with an integrated quality laboratory. As part of the Hamburg Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, the company has access to the pooled specialist knowledge of the entire group through the Know-How Connection. For almost 40 years the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe has ranked amongst the international companies operating successfully in the universe of food & feed ingredients and oleochemicals. In addition to Berg + Schmidt, well-known companies such as Hydrosol for stabilising systems, SternVitamin for vitamin and mineral premixes and SternEnym for enzyme systems are likewise part of the group. The Stern Technology-Center in Ahrensburg near Hamburg is the heart of the corporate group. The application laboratories of 12 specialist companies are grouped together under one roof on an area spanning some 3,000 m². This fosters interdisciplinary cooperation.

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