Global pollution – and its effects on the skin – will continue to be a key consumer concern in 2019.

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With urbanisation showing no signs of slowing, more and more people are experiencing skin irritation and an increased skin sensitivity as a result of pollution.
Recognising this, DSM is delighted to be able to share exciting new data on the effectiveness of our ALPAFLOR SCUTTELARIA AO ingredient. Recent discoveries in sensitive skin have shown that stimulating GABAB receptors will reduce skin irritation and pain sensation.

In a recently-conducted in vivo study, ALPAFLOR SCUTELLARIA AO significantly preserved the skin barrier after strong environmental stress for 4 weeks to keep skin looking healthy.
Extracted from the sustainably-grown Scutellaria alpina, a glacier plant cultivated on ancient moraines, ALPAFLOR SCUTELLARIA AO captures free radicals generated by various stress factors.
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It soothes skin by stimulating GABAB receptors and up-regulating production of β-endorphin, 2 key neuromodulators, reducing unpleasant skin sensations to prevent irritation and sensitivity while delivering incomparable skin comfort.
ALPAFLOR SCUTELLARIA AO is fully sustainable throughout the whole value chain meeting the need for being environmentally and socially responsible.

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