Endemic to the Amazon, açaí is a very popular fruit in Brazil and one of thousands used by Amazonian native people for medicinal and health purposes. Açaí can be found in the Amazon year-round but its harvesting season, which happens in the Amazonian summer from August to November, is considered an »event« to the communities that work with the plant and who collect and transport several tons of the berries during this period.

Inolex is advancing innovation in key beauty care markets with newly granted patents for its cationic amino lipid technology. The two patents, issued in Korea and Brazil, claim Self-neutralizing amino acid based-cationic compositions and their use in cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceutical applications.

The Upcycled Beauty Company and their distribution partner in France, Comercial Quimica Massó S.A., are pleased to announce a collaborative networking opportunity at In-Cosmetics Global 2024. This event will showcase upcycled ingredients, brands and packaging highlighted in the 2024 Zero-Waste Beauty Report, providing attendees with a hands-on experience of the latest innovations in upcycling and zero-waste. 

By redefining its brand platform and adopting a new graphic identity, Seppic is unveiling its ambitions, its vision and how the company wants to present itself: a powerful and timeless identity that is effective, inspiring and continuously committed to a science that is attentive to the world around it.

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