Formulation ID: RR 8203

PhaseIngredientRaw MaterialSupplier% by wt.
A Aqua     88.95
Glycerin     0.50
B Methyl­propanediol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Phenyl­propanol Dermosoft® OMP Evonik Dr. Straetmans GmbH 3.50
Panthenol     0.20
Succinoglycan Rheozan® SH Solvay Novecare 1.50
Ceratonia Siliqua (Carob) Gum Genu Gum RL-200Z-CG CP Kelco 0.25
C Fragrance     0.10
D Baycusan® eco E 1000     5.00


  1. Phase A is mixed at room temperature. In a separate vessel phase B is mixed at room temperature.
  2. Add phase B to phase A while homogenize. Continue mixing until completely uniform.
  3. Phase C is added and mixed. pH is checked and adjusted to 5.8-6.0 with Citric Acid (10% sol.).
  4. Phase D is added and pH is checked again. If necessary, pH is adjusted with Citric Acid (10% sol.) Mix until everything is uniform.


  • Viscosity: 5440 mPa*s at Shear rate of 10s -1

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