with PURAC® Sanilac

Deliver mild, effective hand hygiene using far less alcohol

Texapon ALS Benz Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate 14.54 Surfactant BASF
Stepanol DCFAS-N Sodium cocosulfate 5.49 Surfactant Stepan
PURAC® Sanilac 80 L-Lactic acid (and) Aqua 3.12 Antibacterial Corbion
Propanediol Propanediol 0.51 Humectant  
EDTA Tetrasodium ethylene­diaminetetra­acetate 0.20 Chelating agent  
pH adjuster pH adjuster q.s. 4 pH adjuster  
Water Aqua q.s. 100    

Manufacturing procedure

Mix all ingredients until dissolved. Measure the pH and adjust if necessary. Maintain a preferred formulation pH of 3.5–4.0.
Chelating agents can boost antimicrobial performance. Usage of Sanilac at 1.5–3% is required to achieve kill against a broad range microbes. Sodium coco sulfate can be replaced by sodium lauryl sulfate with equal efficacy, although the resulting formulation will be less mild..

Product characteristics

  • Appearance: Clear Liquid
  • Viscosity: 300 cps


  • Antibacterial & antivirus claim
  • Safe solution
  • Lactic Acid BPR Approved for PT1, 2, 3, and 4

Efficacy data

Formula pH 4 EN1276
C. albicans
Enveloped viruses
Corona virus*
Handsoap, 3% PURAC Sanilac 80        

*Tested at Bluetest Laboratories. Mouse coronavirus as human surrogate.
EN1276 and EN1275: 1 min contact time, 80% solution, dirty conditions, > log 5 reduction
EN14476: 1 min contact time, 50% solution, dirty conditions, > log 4 reduction


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