Formulation ID: HC/LF/36

This carpet stain remover will remove most stains, whilst eliminating any tough odours associated with the stain.

Product Functionality % w/w 
Water  Diluent  87.5 
NatSurf™ 265  Surfactant  2.0 
NatraSense™ AG-810  Surfactant  2.0 
Sodium laureth(3) sulfate (30%)  Surfactant  1.0 
Triethanolamine  pH adjustment  1.5 
Arcosolv DPM  Solvent  3.0 
Zinador™ 22L*  Odour neutraliser  3.0 

*Developed and produced with Itaconix polymer technology


  • Combine all ingredients in order listed and mix until homogeneous.


  • Appearance: Clear liquid, pH ~9


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