BRIGHT Oléoactif® has superior skin brightening efficacy, without the side effects

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Totally safe and highly stable active BRIGHT Oléoactif® promotes skin brightening, whitening and reduction of hyperpigmentation.The 100% vegetal active ingredient is extracted from three plants screened for their complementary activities: marshmallow root, rice bran and licorice root. The combination of these plants as well as its oil-based form make BRIGHT Oléoactif® a uniquely safe, tolerable alternative to other well-known brighteners.

  • Recent data demonstrates that a dose of 0.12% of BRIGHT Oléoactif® inhibits 90% of tyrosinase activity, which is equivalent to the effect of 0.01% of pure hydroquinone. BRIGHT Oléoactif® is thus a safe, natural solution to minimizing the quantity of hydroquinone in a cosmetic formulation. It can be used in day care and sun care products for all skin types, even the most sensitive.
  • BRIGHT Oléoactif® has also been shown to be 24% more effective at brightening than pure glabridin. Compared to licorice extracts, it is cost effective and easier to fomulate with. 
  • At 0.1% dose, BRIGHT Oléoactif®  is more than twice as effective at brightening as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

To learn more, be in touch with Nathalie Lefebvre, Active Naturals Product Manager, at -- or visit us at in-cosmetics Global 2020 (Boooth B60). Click below to visit our website where you can download the informative brochure detailing BRIGHT Oléoactif®'s complementary mechanisms on four key stages of the cutaneous pigmentation process.

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