Vantage™ anticipates that the need for traceability, clean ingredients, positive and sustainable economic and ecological impact will continue to grow rapidly over the coming years. The need for increased traceability, largely influenced by the food industry, also resonates with the overall natural transformation that the beauty industry has faced over the past decade. In 2020, consumers are using a large set of data to balance ingredient safety, environmental concerns and societal impact when picking a new brand. 

To address these needs, Vantage™ (booth G40) will be introducing its new CLEAR BEAUTY concept at in-cosmetics Global, a combination of highly traceable, sustainable and deeply impactful ingredients, selected for their clear traceability, clear efficacy and clear impact. 

New Textron™ Origin Product Line 

Vantage™ is launching a new range of natural oils for formulators looking at high traceability and ingredients that meet the highest level for sustainability. The range will be comprised of organic jojoba oil, organic Argan oil, and rosehip oil. Vantage™ has been working with regional non-profit organizations that support the communities connected to these natural oils and offer programs to facilitate access to higher education. 

  • Care® International Maroc works to fight poverty and social injustice in the fields of education, literacy, fair work and female entrepreneurship (Textron™ Origin Argan Organic Oil is sourced from Morocco). 
  • Teach for Bulgaria is funding the training of qualified teachers to support access to education in non-urban areas, helping reduce inequalities for rural communities (Textron™ Origin Rose hip Oil is sourced from the Balkans). 
  • Vantage™ supports the American Indian College Found that funds college grants for Native American students (Textron™ Origin Jojoba Organic Oil is based on DW Jojoba oil, sourced in Arizona. Jojoba oil’s history is tightly linked to the traditional medicine of native American tribes). The sales of Textron™ Origin oils will directly finance the activities of the associations. For formulations with clear traceability and sustainability. 

New Product Launches 

Bio-Signal™ Lipid 10 is a patented, proprietary, skin-mimetic technology comprising of phosphatidylglycerol, a unique naturally occurring phospholipid. In in vitro studies, Phosphatidylglycerol stimulated the expression of several epidermal proteins known to strengthen the skin barrier, hydrate the skin and reduce the inflammatory signaling pathways. In clinical studies, this ingredient not only demonstrated benefits for skin moisturization, tightening and radiance but was also found to work synergistically with irritating actives (AHAs, retinol) to decrease their irritation potential in sensitive skin. Bio-Signal™ Lipid 10 is a breakthrough active technology for consumers with sensitive skin and formulations with clear skin benefits. 

Lipobead™ Leaf Green with CBD Isolate and Lipobead™ Detox with Coconut Charcoal 
Vantage™ is introducing two new encapsulants to help brands create unique visual effects for their cosmetic and personal care ranges and build emotional connection with consumers. Lipobead™ Leaf Green with CBD Isolate contains USA-made, 0%-THC CBD isolate, compliant with the latest regulation governing the use of CBD in cosmetics. Lipobead™ Detox with Coconut Charcoal are black encapsulants containing a new sustainable, coconut-derived activated charcoal for skin cleansing and skin detox. The new coconut charcoal is being produced using a proprietary technology aimed at decreasing the carbon footprint of the process. For formulations with a clear emotional impact. 

Along these main launches, Vantage will also be featuring a new Liponate™ Jojoba 20, an ultra-soft emollient ester derived from jojoba oil; and new sulfate-free formulations featuring the Metaupon™ range of Taurate surfactants. 

These new ingredients and formulations will be on display at booth G40. 

About Vantage:
Vantage™ is a global natural chemistry company that creates, produces and sources high-end and tailored specialty chemicals and ingredients incorporated into everyday products that nourish, care sustain, and enhance performance. Back-integrated into natural oils and oleo chemistry, we use science to transform naturally-derived products by bringing technology from the lab into the global marketplace. 
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