A new ingredient for a new era
In an unprecedented way, the world received the news, early in 2020, of a new pandemic, caused by the so-called new coronavirus or COVID-19. This dictated new rules in all sectors of the economy, health and personal and international relations. From individual micro-entrepreneurs to large multinational corporations, everyone has been affected personally and economically, and the word is security.

Strictly taking into account the Personal Care industry, personal hygiene products such as bar soaps, liquids, shower gels and, especially, hand sanitizers in the form of antiseptic gels, have become not only important, but mandatory to use throughout the world population.

Flavia Jesuino, Marketing Manager of Grupo Citroleo, comments: “Protecting human life has never been more important in this pandemic moment, that's why Citróleo Group sought inspiration in nature to bring a new 100% natural active to the personal hygiene market. Powerful in germicidal and antiseptic action, it is an excellent sustainable, safe and effective option to fight invisible enemies.”

The world cries out for credibility and security
Although this demand has led to new consumption habits, a very wide field has yet to be explored for new discoveries to be formalized. An important way to keep up to date is to pay attention to the official communication channels. And, to direct the purchase of personal hygiene products, the bet is the search for serious companies, positioned and committed to transparency and credibility.

Flávia Jesuino points out that Citróleo has a strong recognition as a natural company, for offering pure and quality ingredients. This is because all development is planned to improve people's lives, never forgetting to treat this in a harmonious way with Nature; this respect for people's health and well-being, directs Citróleo to looking for alternative and safe ingredients, mimicking Nature.

In addition, “Citróleo treats the other link in this chain (the communities) with great seriousness and importance, providing necessary subsidies for the harvest of its raw materials and fair income”, says Flávia.

She also adds that “through intensive studies, Citróleo has developed an exclusive technology for obtaining natural products, with antiseptic, calming and germicidal properties. Based on modern efficacy studies, the Citróleo Group guarantees its partners total confidence in choosing safe raw materials, produced with the highest quality standards, free of synthetic, toxic agents and with proven effectiveness without any testing on animals”.

AlphaShield Clean & Care is the new bet
ALPHASHIELD is a 100% natural, biodegradable active, produced through a powerful synergy of certified and exclusive essential oil components, obtained from sustainable sources to help create a healthier planet.

Fair trade in its development is done in partnership with several families in more than three states in Brazil. “The botanical complex that makes up ALPHASHIELD, provides this active with a powerful and exclusive mechanism of germicidal action, quickly eliminating (within one minute) 99.99% of germs (gram positive and negative bacteria and fungi), in addition to also inhibiting your growth, ”adds Rafaella Tomazini, Technical Marketing Analyst at Grupo Citróleo.

ALPHASHIELD is hypoallergenic, with anti-irritant activity and without contraindications, as it is 100% natural. In addition, the active acts as an antiseptic and can be combined with the mechanical action of surfactants for complete cleaning or as an antiseptic solution for topical use.

Proven germicidal effect and natural preservative
ALPHASHIELD was tested against strains of gram-positive bacteria, although its components also exhibit action against gram negative and viruses, and distinct strains of fungi. The results show a significant and satisfactory reduction for the use of ALPHASHIELD as a professional, antiseptic, non-irritating, and safe germicide. ALPHASHIELD can still be used as a natural preservative, allowing the finished product to use the “preservative free” claim. Used in an antibacterial spray for the body, ALPHASHIELD in a concentration of 0.5% has been shown to be effective in reducing the growth of viable bacteria, molds, and yeasts, acting with multifunction as a preservative and main active system.

Protecting the health of the whole Family
The use of ALPHASHIELD in personal care formulations, gives the skin a feeling of hydration, as it does not induce dryness. Its superconcentrated antibacterial composition regularates and controls the bacterial flora of the skin. Its lipophilic nature inhibits the appearance of itching and with high soothing power, reduces adverse reactions caused by disinfection and excessive sanitization of the skin.

ALPHASHIELD is a cosmetic active that represents a new proposal to conventional bactericides, such as triclosan, for a safe, effective, and ecological approach. “The 100% natural active can be used by the whole family as an antibacterial to complement hand sanitization or increase skin protection after bathing, for example. It is gentle, non-irritating and permanently inhibits contamination by germs and bacteria”, says Rafaella.

Safety, Longevity and Effectiveness
Because it is natural, ALPHASHIELD softens the undesirable effects of systems that can damage the epidermis in the long-term use. An example is the skin sensitization due to excess sanitizing and, therefore, the increase of dryness. Even though it is composed only of selected essential oils, ALPHASHIELD is stable over a wide range of pH and temperature, and can be incorporated in several bases, including systems with a high alcohol content. It can be used in "touchless" formulations, a new demand that eliminates the need to touch the face, for example, as sprays, sticks, waterless bars, even without the need for rinsing.

Thus, ALPHASHIELD represents an environmentally friendly, sustainable, effective, transparent, and safe alternative in a single active, for a new era, where protecting the skin, the greatest protection shield for human health, has never been more important.

Curious to know more details? Get in touch with: comercial@citroleogroup.com

About Citróleo
For more than 33 years, connecting biodiversity with well-being. We are a brazilian company, founded in Torrinha, in the interior of São Paulo. Present in the market for more than 33 years, we are internationally recognized for quality standards and commitment to sustainability. We invest in sustainable management plans and plantations, as well as in partnerships with farmers and communities.


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