Vantage™ anticipates that the need for traceability, clean ingredients, positive and sustainable economic and ecological impact will continue to grow rapidly over the coming years. The need for increased traceability, largely influenced by the food industry, also resonates with the overall natural transformation that the beauty industry has faced over the past decade. In 2020, consumers are using a large set of data to balance ingredient safety, environmental concerns and societal impact when picking a new brand. 

To address these needs, Vantage™ (booth G40) will be introducing its new CLEAR BEAUTY concept at in-cosmetics Global, a combination of highly traceable, sustainable and deeply impactful ingredients, selected for their clear traceability, clear efficacy and clear impact. 

New Product Launches 

Pollution, dry weather and stress are amongst many factors contributing to a disrupted skin barrier, which in turn increases skin sensitivity. Several studies have described “skin sensitivity” as a major concern for consumers around the world. Additionally, premature skin aging due to inflammation, also known as “inflammaging” has become a growing issue for health-conscious beauty users. 

Vantage™ has created Bio-Signal™ Lipid 10 MB, a patented, skin-mimetic technology comprising of phosphotidylglycerol, a unique naturally-occurring phospholipid. In in-vitro studies, Bio-Signal™ Lipid 10 MB stimulated the expression of several epidermal proteins known to strengthen the skin barrier, hydrate the skin and reduce the inflammatory signaling pathways. In clinical studies, it not only demonstrated benefits for skin moisturization, tightening and radiance but was also found to work synergistically with irritating actives (AHAs) to decrease their irritation potential in sensitive skin. Bio-Signal™ Lipid 10 MB is a breakthrough active technology for consumers with sensitive skin and formulations with clear skin benefits. 

Vantage Specialty Ingredients, Inc. 

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