2020: the Covid-19 pandemic has redefined our communication mode. From lockdown to social distancing, we had to adapt and change our social relationships, and the way we apprehend the world. Protect oneself became a prime concern, especially through wearing a mask, masking our emotions and our non-verbal communication, causing stress and fatigue. 

Skin is not used to be mask-locked-down and reacts : redness, itching, dryness or maskne, seborrheic dermatitis, impetigo ... the consequences vary. 

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GREENTECH innovative solutions 


To relieve discomfort by targeting the bacterial strains that cause redness. 

Natural active ingredient for sensitive and reactive skin, based on sulfated polysaccharides from Halymenia durvillei, a red alga living off the coast of Madagascar. EXPOZEN® rebalances microbiota of reactive & sensitive skin, especially reducing C. kroppenstedtii involved in inflammation and redness. It decreases neurogenic inflammation & sensitive skin symptoms : intensive soothing effect, reduction of redness, of heating and flushes sensations. 


To repair dry skin & boost skin innate immunity. 

The skin carries out its protection against the hostile environment. Probiotics, by keeping the epidermal barrier intact, preserve the skin homeostasis. Acting as a short and long term global protector, BIOTILYS® increases skin innate immunity (antimicrobial peptides) and promotes cutaneous microbiotic balance, allows skin to withstand aggressions, and to keep a healthy and beautiful appearance. Skin barrier and moisturization are reinforced. 


To limit seborrhea & virulent bacterial strains linked to acne breakout. 

Natural active ingredient based on a molecule named Rhodomyrtone (well known for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-microbial properties), balancing acne-prone skin microbiota by acting on C. acnes phylotypes and on the more virulent strain Cutibacterium granulosum. ACNILYS® also reduces seborrhea and inflammation, visibly improving overall skin appearance : less papules and redness, increased skin hydration and radiance. 

GREENTECH Group is an international biotechnology company present on all continents and including 4 companies, GREENTECH, GREENSEA, BIOVITIS and MAPRIC in Brazil. A pioneer in plant biotechnology, GREENTECH develops and produces high-tech active ingredients from the plant, marine and microbial worlds for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. This group comprises 200 people, 30% of whom are dedicated to research. GREENTECH collaborates with local producers for the establishment of long-term cooperation, with mutual benefits. www.greentechgmbh.de
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