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Skin care routines need to change depending on the season. In winter time the main stress factors are the changing temperatures from dry heating air inside and cold temperatures combined with snow or icy wind outside. Furthermore, one of the biggest mistakes most people do in the cold season is to use too hot water to wash their hair, face or body. Even though it gives you a cozy warm feeling for the moment, it has a negative impact on the skin barrier as it leaves the skin and hair dried out.

A glowy, healthy winter skin needs an adapted regimen which should be nourishing and leave skin and hair well hydrated. Discover our perfect beauty routine for a carefree winter season.



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Cleansing the face is an essential step of every good skin care routine but in winter you should make sure to use a soap-free cleanser to prevent skin from further drying out. The perfect choice is a creamy cleanser that not only purifies but also hydrates skin.

Our Soothing Clay Gel to Milk Cleanser contains kaolin for extremely gentle but effective cleansing. CutiBiome CLR™ noticeably reduces sebum, papules, pustules and comedones, providing a pure complexion. MultiMoist CLR™ maintains the osmotic balance of skin and leaves the skin deeply hydrated.


Moisture and balance

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Our Night Balance Face Oil can be used to massage the skin in the evening to stimulate the blood circulation. When skin regenerates during sleep, CutiBiome CLR™ effectively supports skin in regaining the natural balance with its microbiota while Vitamin F forte deeply nurtures and protects skin.

Lip Care

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Our Softening Lip Balm is super nourishing, regenerates and moisturizes the skin and can be used whenever needed. MultiMoist CLR™ and Vitamin F forte work synergistically together for a maximum of hydration.

Body Care

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Our Velvet Skin Body Cream Butter is the perfect body care product to give your skin the moisturization it needs. AnnonaSense CLR™ highly effective reduces sensitivity and itching. MultiMoist CLR™ maintains the osmotic balance of skin and leaves it deeply moisturized.

Hair Care

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The Anti-Static Winter spray prevents flying hair and deeply moisturizes hair. It is a perfect product to take with you in the handbag for a daily use in between. MultiMoist CLR™ has strong hair moisturizing and conditioning abilities. It significantly reduces hair breakage, static flyaway and frizziness.

Scalp Care

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A dedicated scalp care product can soothe the scalp, reduce itch and support it in regaining balance. The Stay Cool 3 in 1 Scalp Serum contains CutiBiome CLR™, MultiMoist CLR™ and AnnonaSense CLR™ to hydrate, purify and soothe stressed and irritated scalp.



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