With global GHG emissions reaching a record level and have caused serious climate change, environmental protection is a matter of social responsibility which admits of no delay. As a socially responsible manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients, Corum integrates ESG into its business operations and takes urgent actions to combat climate change and its environmental impact by aligning with the goal 13 in UN SDGs- climate action. 

At the beginning of year 2021, Corum is delighted to launch a greener version of our active ingredient in March. AzeclairTM P (INCI: Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate) is ameliorated from its original liquid counterpart through the removal of water to become 70% lighter in weight with the aim to reduce carbon footprint in the transportation and production of finished cosmetics. The weight in transportation is further 33% off, which in sum enables to largely reduce 11-15% of the CO2 emission than before. 

AzeclairTM P is catered for oily and acne-prone skin with high efficacy in sebum normalizing, skin brightening, moisturizing and anti-pollution. It is gentle and non-irritating to skin and mucosa. It is particularly suitable in skin care products to prevent masknes; it is highly recommended in clear solutions for pore cleansing and dull skin treatment. AzeclairTM P comes in powder form with much higher purity and is free of preservatives. It is highly water soluble and compatible with various cosmetic ingredients. 

Corum aims to continuously improve our product lines through operational excellence and innovation to lessen its environmental impacts and amplify its contributions toward a more sustainable society with our people, upstream and downstream partners to reduce CO2 emissions, value natural resources, minimize wastes and follow the principles of green chemistry.

About CORUM Inc. 

Established in 1988 as a leading ingredient manufacturer in Taiwan to the cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceutical industry, CORUM Inc. has developed more than 27 patented ingredients and applications. Our unique product portfolio consists of anti-aging peptides, all-round protective vitamin C derivative, specialty ingredients (heating/ cooling agents), anti-dandruff active, anti-hair loss active, anti-acne active, glutamate surfactants and moisturizing esters. The products are sustained by on-going research and clinical testing, as well as the highest standard in efficacy and quality control. Based on scientific rigor, innovation, and quality assurance, today we can offer a full range of extraordinary products and services globally, with an ambition to provide better solutions for beauty and healthy skin.  http://www.corum.com.tw

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