We are proud to present our new launch: SantEnergy™ is a distinctive polyphenol-rich extract that is sustainably obtained by wild harvesting from the aerial parts of the Yerba Santa plant. Known as “mountain balm” and “holy herb”, Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon californicum) is a member of the Borage family (Boraginaceae) and it is native to the Pacific Coast of North America, especially California. 

SantEnergy™ optimally protects the hair from internal and external damages, delays the aging of the hair follicle and increases the hair growth as well as the hair density. The hair appears abundant and invigorated. 

Benefits of SantEnergy™: 

• energize hair follicles through a caffeine-like effect 

• protect hair follicles from oxidative stress 

• delay aging of hair follicles 

• increase both hair growth and hair density 

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