In response to today’s consumers, who are seeking personalized cosmetic solutions that are kind to the skin and the planet, we are glad to present you our latest launch: 💡Apibreeze™, the sweetest breath of nature for a renewed skin. With its composition based on COSMOS compliant biotechnological PHAs, Apibreeze™ broadens the possibilities for hydroxy acids, providing a skin renewal suitable for all skin types. 

It combines these PHAs with the warm protection of an award-winning multi-flower honey, locally produced by the 6th generation of artisan beekeepers in the Albera Natural Park, close to Provital’s production plant. 

An active ingredient 100% natural origin (ISO 16128), that offers a mild skin renewal together with an ethical supply to meet the demand for sustainable and well-tolerated ingredients.

Apibreeze™ is a keratolytic ingredient as effective as glycolic acid but with no irritant effects. Suitable for sensitive skin, it prevents premature aging and assures moisturization. The glow of a new skin emerges naturally, whatever the skin type, season, or time of the day. 

Find out more about Apibreeze™ in the >> video.

Provital, Do Care.

Provital is a trusted supplier of natural active ingredients for skin and hair care. We believe that taking care is taking action. Taking care is the force that moves us forward. It is also our commitment to people, communities and our planet. We care and take action for them. We care by combining nature and science to capture the essence of the Earth on our high-quality products. We care by partnering with our clients and co-creating with them to meet their needs. We care by anticipating trends to create the latest formulations, working with agility and effectiveness. We care by inspiring our clients and motivating our teams to keep growing together. And because we take care, we create natural ingredients that spread positive emotions and allow every person to find their own way to express their beauty. Provital, Do Care. More about Provital -
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