Leveraging its deep expertise in olive oil-based cosmetic chemistry and personal care applications, Hallstar Beauty has launched Olivem® 2090, the ultimate water-in-oil cold process emulsifier.

Natural-derived Olivem® 2090 allows stable, hydrating, light but velvety products by creating a homogeneous layer that surrounds water droplets – making it an ideal emulsifier for skin care, baby care and make-up. Its excellent powder wetting and dispersing properties allow easy, effective formulating for all skin types.

Olivem® 2090 has the added benefit of broad compatibility with sun care ingredients tested at a standard percentage. Its sensoriality, along with W/O emulsions’ innate waterproof properties, helps in developing light sunscreens, even those with high SPF levels.

Hallstar Beauty’s goal with Olivem® 2090 was to develop a unique, functionalized substance rather than a blend or mixture. So not only does Olivem® 2090 satisfy marketing’s preference for natural ingredients that can ‘greenify’ a formulation, it also has the additional advantage of a short, ‘clean’ INCI name.

By using Olivem® 2090, it is possible to achieve completely natural, elegant water-in-oil emulsions with light, biometic properties. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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