With the aim to improve the quality of life by bringing together innovation and sustainability through a scientific method, ROELMIHPC strongly focuses its activity on the research, design and production of high technological ingredients aimed to reach the highest performing results in final formulas, by offering the ethical and responsible choice for sustainable innovations. As a pioneer on sustainability-driven innovationsROELMI HPC strictly adopts an approach directed to environmental preservation, towards the biodiversity safeguard and the use of renewable sources. All those drivers are collected together to concretely live the market following our NIP® program.

Integrating the principles of sustainable development ROELMI HPC concurs to provide the most advanced actions towards the future where high value ingredients represent the core of innovation.

In its path of growth, ROELMI HPC has decided to pursue responsible actions operating a method of development based on “open innovation” concept. Together, ROELMI HPC opens technological partnerships with industrial key players permitting new value for cosmetic & nutraceutical market.

Beside the biotechnological expertise, the Company adopts circular economy model in several product developments, the Company vision is intended to put in place second-generation supply chains promoting:

  • A sustainable use of resources 
  • A development of techniques by safeguarding Environment equilibrium and workers safety
  • The introduction of technological innovation to encourage the development of both disruptive and incremental innovation in cosmetic and nutraceutical markets

It is in this context, that ROELMI HPC is pleased to present the brand-new line of sustainable functional ingredients for cosmetic applications:  BeauSens® Line.

Starting from Sunflower Seed Oil (no GMO), the nature embraces innovation to create BeauSens® line.

Sunflower (Helianthus annuus), an emblem of happiness, is one of the most known vegetable oils around the globe. Golden blossoms seed, a source of essential fatty acids, mainly linoleic acid and oleic acid, are here involved to develop something exclusive for the new generation of green cosmetics.

BeauSens® line is more than a line of cosmetic ingredients; it concerns the result of a sustainable project that, working with the most advanced technologies, integrates the principles of green chemistry and ensures a low environmental impact.

  • BeauSensTMAir (INCI: Ethylhexyl Pelargonate): natural derived emollient with extraordinary texturizing properties and evanescent feel. Ultra-light and dry skin feel emollient, particularly suitable for face, body and hair care applications. It represents the biodegradable alternative to light cosmetic emollients like silicones for specific applications
  • BeauSens®E-SF (INCI: Polyglyceryl-3-Stearate, Sunflower Seed Oil Glycerides, Cetearyl Alcohol): primary emulsifier designed with excellent performance in formulating stable O/W emulsions with a pleasant touch. Its own easy-to-handle pearl form improves dosing precision. Excellent skin biocompatibility and pleasant skin feel with fresh and hydrated after feel
  • BeauSensTMPG4 (INCI: Poliglyceryl-4 Pelargonate): non-ionic mild surfactant for skin support. Unlike standard non-ionic surfactants, it is a concrete sustainable solution for various cosmetic formulas, especially for cleanser applications like micellar waters, intimate hygiene or makeup remover. A great mild surfactant with also remarkable solubilizing properties for making cosmetics formulas in the light of sustainability.

ROELMI HPC is the partner company to drive innovation in the Health & Personal Care markets. Our business deals with research, development and design of functional and active ingredients. We support the customers in the formulation, production and marketing for the health, beauty and medical devices markets. Our forefront formulations respect the principles of sustainability through the preservation of biodiversity and the use of renewable resources.

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