Aware of the relevance of its role as an industry in the personal care, perfumery and cosmetics sector - one of the most influential behaviors in the world - Beraca Natural Ingredients advocates and practices responsible production. 

Guided by the principles of sustainability focused on the sociobiodiversity enhancement and principles of clean technology, green chemistry, sustainable extraction, zero residue and full traceability, the company invests in the development of natural ingredients with proven efficacy which contribute to more sustainable formulas, as a viable way to promote positive social and environmental impacts on the planet. 

Berashades is a palette with 5 shades of naturally colored and sustainable clays for cosmetic use. It is also an example that - yes - it is possible to act on innovations through the Sustainable Development Goals, raising awareness within the cosmetic market with ethical commitments such as the conservation, recovery and sustainable use of ecosystems. 

With years of experience in the responsible extraction of clays, Beraca's commitment to the creation of Berashades aims to meet the demands of the global market, meeting the triple bottom line principles of sustainability (people, planet and profit). According to Mintel GNPD, the number of global skin care products containing clay has grown by 27% in the last 5 years, reaching 819 launches in 2020. For hair care, the growth was 62% in the last 2 years, registering 232 new products in 2020. 

In respect and appreciation of natural beauty and ethnic-racial diversity, the launch features a palette of five naturally colored clays for mineral cosmetics - Ivory, Beige, Bronze, Caramel and Ebony - with which it is possible to mix and match and customize more than 3,000 color combinations in celebration of the different skin tones. The active meets vegan and multifunctional claims. It also allows coverage with natural appearance and matte effect, in addition to stable color (result of simultaneous micronization process). As a mineral ingredient, it also offers detoxifying and remineralizing effect. 

The company is also launching an online tool, The Berashades Mixer, which is a digital platform that allows formulators to create their own shades with simultaneous access to different levels of benefits delivered by the ingredient, such as hydration, skin´s barrier function and firmness. This technology aims to assist professionals in time-to-market with scientific precision in each of the tones created. 

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About Beraca Natural Ingredients 

Founded from the possibility of working with local families from Amazon - within the tripple bottom line of sustainability, Beraca Natural Ingredients is currently the major global supplier of natural ingredients ethically harvested from Brazilian biomes for the cosmetic and personal care market. By connecting with hundreds of brands around the world, the company advocates for a clean and sustainable beauty, generating and sharing values between brands and communities.

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