At the Society of Cosmetic Chemists New York Suppliers' Day this week representatives from both Sanam and Flora Reserve are announcing the launch of the Naox® Derma Triple Antioxidant Concentrate. Sanam owns and produces the ingredient technology and has partnered with Flora Reserve as its exclusive sales representative for the personal care market. This active is the only patented concentrate derived from the coffee plant worldwide. 

Naox® Derma is a patented concentrate made from 100% pure arabica coffee cherries which delivers unprecedented dual action benefits in neutralizing harmful oxidants plus protecting skin against environmental aging factors. Sustainably cultivated in the hills of Costa Rica and Colombia, the ingredient represents a true upcycled innovation, as it is made from the polyphenol-rich fruit historically discarded in the coffee industry. Naox® Derma features 3 potent antioxidants that are uniquely concentrated in a solvent-free process that 100% maintains the fruit's biological integrity – nothing is added or taken away. The result is a rich concentrate with 80-90% greater antioxidant potency than blueberries, pomegranates and grapes and 5 times higher polyphenol concentration versus either green tea or grapes. 

In 3rd party testing Naox® Derma significantly outperformed several leading topical antioxidant ingredients across multiple skin protection studies. This included outperforming Retinol by 246% and Coenzyme Q10 by 162% in protecting against urban dust pollutants and significantly beating both ingredients in preventing skin cell damage from blue light radiation. The ingredient is Kosher certified, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO and free of known allergens.  

Leonardo Torres Solis, Sanam's CEO commented, "Innovation is our passion and transforming the coffee industry is our commitment with both countries, Costa Rica and Colombia. Bringing this ingredient into the US market for the cosmetic industry is highly important for us".

Flora Reserve Founder & Managing Director Jeffrey Avila added "I'm so excited to partner with the ingredient innovators at Sanam on the distribution of this incredible active. Naox® Derma is perfectly aligned with our vision to be on the leading edge of the 'super food for beauty' movement and we couldn't be prouder to share both the wonderful ingredient as well as its formulations with manufacturers and soon consumers across the globe."

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About Sanam: Sanam was founded in 2008 by entrepreneurial partners (one an Environmental Engineer and the other an Economist) in Colombia, and today has farms and processing facilities in both Colombia and Costa Rica. Sanam is dedicated to providing global consumers with the nourishing and protective power of our award-winning Naox® coffee fruit extract concentrates. Our patented and sustainably-cultivated ingredient technologies include both nutraceutical as well as topical skincare actives. We're proud to share our larger mission of supporting the sustainable livelihoods of coffee-farming families while reducing the water footprint and waste in the coffee value chain. For more information visit  

About Flora Reserve: Flora Reserve is focused on the development and distribution of highly differentiated, sustainably cultivated and clinically-backed botanical active ingredient technologies for topical and ingestible beauty. We partner with innovative botanical farms and processors who share our commitment to sustainable cultivation practices and together commercialize first-of-their-kind compounds demonstrating best-in-class performance. Founded by Jeffrey Avila, Flora Reserve leverages 25 years' experience in developing and commercializing award-winning ingredient & finished brand technologies for both nutraceuticals and topical skincare. For more information, visit

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