Have you ever heard about “smiling skin”? When you smile, talk or eat our mimic muscles contract and overtime, these repeated expressions cause skin elasticity decrease. That’s why expression lines appear on the forehead, nose and also around eye and mouth areas. Cellular energy plays an essential role in skin well-being and is related to healthy and young complexion. When skin cells lose their vigor, a loss of vitality can occur and this leads to dull and tired complexion; as a result, aging signs are highlighted. 

ROELMI HPC  found the way to empower skin well-being by taking care of happiness value too, introducing the new ingredient of its biotech portfolio: Ener-GY plus.

It is a cell energizer active ingredient designed to optimize mitochondrial activation. It is developed by enzymatic biotechnology, where the scientific method and nature richness are combined together reaching extraordinary results. Upcycled biologically active solvents rich in fruit oligo-elements are involved, to respect Planet resources.

Thanks to its specific efficacy in supporting mitochondrial biochemical pathways, Ener-GY plus provides positive conditions for metabolism and trophic cell processes. It promotes ATP production in mitochondria, by modulating positively and significantly the cell energizing activity. As a result, it performs an overall beneficial effect on skin ecosystem, decreasing the cellular senescence by promoting a high cellular vitality and responsiveness.

Clinical studies show that Ener-GY plus prevents the signs of skin fatigue thanks to a promotion of a youthful complexion by improving skin elasticity, firmness and radiance. Further evaluations confirmed that Ener-GY plus helps in maintaining the physiological balance in skin microbiota composition.

More information on: https://www.roelmihpc.com/portfolio/ener-gy-plus/

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