Remarkable hygroscopic properties

Whether dry, mixed or oily, every skin can be subjected to dehydration, characterized by a lack of water. Tightness, lack of suppleness, loss of volume, lines and wrinkles then appear.

In order to respond specifically to the needs of dehydrated skin, the use of molecules with substantial hygroscopic potential provides an effective and long-lasting cutaneous hydration. To this end, SILAB got interested in APG: using a novel approach combining molecular modeling and Raman microspectroscopy, the company has for the first time shown the highly hygroscopic capacity of APG, giving APIOSKIN® its intrinsic ability to take up and retain water in the skin.

A hydrating and plumping effect 

Beyond these properties, APIOSKIN® activates the biological levers of cutaneous hydration (aquaporins, osmolyte transporter, natural moisturizing factor).

Tested in vivo at 3% in Caucasian and Asian volunteers, the active ingredient thus provides a flash and long-lasting hydration to dehydrated skin, superficially and in depth (from the stratum corneum to the upper dermis). The skin is thus beautified as of 21 days of application: dehydration lines are smoothed, facial volumes are redefined, and complexion radiance is revived. 100% of the Caucasian volunteers reported that their skin was more hydrated, softer, more comfortable, and more luminous.

Giant duckweed, a source of rare and original molecules: APG

Among the different species of giant duckweed, Spirodela polyrhiza stands out by its plant cell wall rich in APG, a unique pectin giving it its capacity to bind water This aquatic plant has been used for millennials in traditional Chinese medicine for its benefits on the metabolism of water. 

The giant duckweed is obtained from a traceable and secure supply, in line with the company's practices. The species Spirodela polyrhiza was authenticated using the molecular barcoding technique. In addition, the mastery of enzymatic hydrolysis has led to a purified fraction of APIOSKIN®, enriched to more than 50% in apiogalacturonans.

A true hydration concentrate, APIOSKIN® is a patented active ingredient recommended in all plumping skin care products at a dose of 0.5 to 3%. Available in aqueous solution, it is easy to formulate. It complies with biodiversity regulations and has a natural origin content of 99.2% (ISO 16128). It complies with international cosmetic regulations (Europe, United States, China, Japan, etc.).

World leader in the engineering of natural active ingredients
SILAB’s reputation is based on excellence. An expert in skin biology and in the mastering of nature and biotechnologies for more than 35 years, this independent French company provides major names in cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic industry with patented and effective active ingredients.

The beauty of healthy skin
SILAB Cosmetics markets a catalog of almost 100 cosmetic natural active molecules, with scientifically proven functional properties complying with international regulations. They are recognized on the global beauty market for their high level of scientific innovation.

The care of compromised skin
SILAB Softcare, a department fully dedicated to the care of compromised skin, has a strong commitment to health. Intended for the dermo-cosmetic and dermatological markets, its active ingredients respond to cutaneous disorders (atopic dermatitis, acne, etc.) by reactivating the biological mechanisms of healthy skin according to three principles of excellence: Efficacy, Safety and Naturality. 

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