The term inflammaging is composed of the two words “inflammation” and “aging.” The ability of the human body to counteract inflammation reduces with age. Therefore, inflammation can no longer be completely eliminated, and low-grade chronic inflammation occurs, which contributes to the development of age-related conditions. 

CALMandrin™ is our sustainable solution for combatting inflammaging by notably improving the signs of aging, as well as soothing reddened and inflamed skin. In addition to its calming effect on irritated skin, it also markedly increases the firmness and density of the skin. CALMandrin™ is obtained by upcycling the peel paste of organic mandarins used in the distillation process of organic fragrance production on the island of Chios. 

Benefits of CALMandrin™: 

  • Calms irritated skin 
  • Soothes inflamed and reddened skin 
  • Promotes collagen production 
  • Improves skin firmness and skin density 

MibelleMandarins JKH MP 10090 450

About Mibelle Biochemistry

Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland designs and develops unique, high-quality actives for the beauty industry which are based on naturally derived compounds and extensive scientific expertise. Recently, its experience and wide ranging expertise in the cosmetic industry became also available for the food, beverage and dietary supplement industry. Under the portfolio “food & health” Mibelle Biochemistry offers a selection of effective beauty-from-within and anti-aging products. 
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