Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Silybidiol™, the first globally compliant alternative to the iconic CBD (Cannabidiol) molecule. Designed to combat the harmful effects of urban photo-pollution and promote skin health, Silybidiol™ is extracted from the fruit of the milk thistle with Green Fractionation. It offers a new, holistic approach to ageing, leveraging the emerging concept of OxInflammation, the vicious cycle connecting oxidative stress and inflammation.

In recent years, the perception of skincare and ageing has evolved towards a more positive and resilient approach known as "pre-ageing". This approach emphasises the importance of self-care, focusing on prevention and overall wellbeing. It recognises the link between positive emotional wellbeing and skin condition, promoting skin health and longevity. The exposome - the set of extrinsic aggressors to which our skin is exposed - is an important factor challenging skin health and longevity. It encompasses UV radiation and pollution, which disrupt the skin’s delicate OxInflammation balance - the interconnection of two key biological pathways. These factors can have a damaging cumulative effect on skin health and emotional balance.

Silybidiol™ binds to cannabinoid receptors in the skin and activates cellular crosstalk leading to the activation of skin defences and detoxification pathways to effectively maintain OxInflammation balance and promote wellbeing. Clinically tested versus placebo and CBD, on volunteers exposed to photo-pollution, Silybidiol™ offers:

● A drastic improvement in skin homogeneity (2.7x better than CBD),

● Enhanced skin radiance (1.6x better than CBD),

● An improvement in volunteers’ wellbeing (equivalent to CBD).

"We discovered that Silybidiol™ specifically activates CB2 cannabinoid receptors and delivers the same benefits as the hero CBD molecule. As such, not only does it reduce inflammation, which improves skin tone, but it also stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, feel-good peptides that contribute to overall wellness" comments Romain Reynaud, Research & Development Director. "This dual-action mechanism underlines Silybidiol™'s efficacy in promoting healthy, radiant skin while supporting emotional wellbeing."

Of 100% natural origin ISO 16128 and vegan suitable, Silybidiol™ complies with global standards. It unlocks new perspectives to protect and reverse the consequences of the exposome for all consumers of beauty products. To learn more about our new ingredient, connect to, our digital platform dedicated to cosmetic ingredients.

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