Green Extraction with a New Solvent for Performant Biomimetic Skin Actives

A. Lhermitte, A. Rossignol-Castera, A. Cao

Hallstar France has succeeded in extracting plant metabolites with a patented process named Oléo-éco-extraction (OEE). 
OEE is an eco-process intensified by high energy microwaves (MW) and low frequency ultrasound (US) using natural triglyceridic oils as green, safe and bioactive extractants.
To increase extraction efficiency and reduce production time, an innovative biomimetic 
It is inspired both from plant membrane and skin cell chemistry. 
Using OSMOS™ allows us to increase the extraction yield of phyto-molecules from natural plant raw materials while at the same time functioning as a delivery system for the active phyto-molecules to enhance their bioavailability to the skin.
14,02 € each

plus 5% VAT (Germany only)

Online available
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