Revolutionary Hair Pigmentation Recovery

R. Reynaud, M. Fleury, D. Auriol, A. Scandolera, M. Pélican, M. de Tollenaere, E. Chapuis

Darkenyl™ is a revolutionary and unique hair repigmenting active ingredient. It has been rationally designed to counteract the hair greying biological process, by combining two synergistic molecules: an optimised plant polyphenol (taxifolin glucoside), triggering the hair follicle stem cells to produce new melanocytes, while protecting hair follicles from free radicals (ROS); and a soluble precursor of melanin synthesis (N-acetyl-tyrosine), boosting melanogenesis.
Taxifolin glucoside is a unique stabilised polyphenol shown to reactivate hair bulge stem cells proliferation (+30%) and migration to help repopulating the hair matrix with new melanocytes. Its antioxidant properties enable to reduce free radical damages in hair follicles (-53%) and helps protecting existing melanocytes (+189%).
Once the hair matrix has been repopulated with new melanocytes and that both new and existing melanocytes are protected from ROS, Darkenyl™ delivers its melanin synthesis precursor (N-acetyl-tyrosine) to reactivate melanogenesis (+364%).
Darkenyl™ therefore features a mode of action inspired from stem cells, and delivers powerful consumer benefits: 3.4 times less white hair in 4 months than a placebo (down to -56% white hair). It is also gender and hair-colour independent and it ensures a long-lasting efficacy.
14,02 € each

plus 5% VAT (Germany only)

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