Dermal Delivery System of the Future - Peptides Steer Efficacy to the Point

S. Christian, V. Krug, A. Hidalgo

Modern active based cosmetics are characterized by increasing demands on their performance. Therefore, the efficacy of cosmetic active ingredients plays a key role in the development of new technologies. Penetration and the release of the active ingredients in the skin are important parameters in this context. These challenges can already be met successfully with the help of dermal delivery systems, in which the active ingredients are usually encapsulated. The X50 Capsules™ go one step further.
By means of specific steering peptides on the capsule surface, it is possible to selectively transport the respective active ingredient to certain cells in the skin and thus directly to its corresponding site of action. The active ingredient is released inside the cell so that its full potential is developed where it is needed. The biocompatible and biodegradable capsule also prevents interactions between the active ingredient and the product formulation and protects the active from functional degradation on its way from the skin surface to its specific site of action in the cell. This selective and efficient approach can also prevent unspecific cell reactions as system, which can revolutionize the efficiency of cosmetic active ingredients in a unique way.
14,02 € each

plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

Online available
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