A natural, powerful and biodegradable suspension agent for home care

S. Zhou, M. Chabert, C. Orizet

We present an innovative, natural and readily biodegradable suspension agent that opens new possibilities to homecare formulators.   When added to detergent formulas, it brings a very powerful suspension capacity without any perceivable impact   on viscosity. The agent is based on activated cellulose fibers obtained through the fermentation of starch using specific bacterial   strains. We present rheology measurements that allow us to predict the suspension power of a detergent formula supplemented   with the agent, based on its rheology at low shear rates. The yield stress value extracted from Bingham plots highly correlates   with the density and size of the objects that can be suspended with the agent. We show the application of the agent in multiple   home care formulations, in particular the suspension of decorative visual beads and concentrated fragrance in a typical liquid   laundry formula. We describe how it is simple to add the suspension agent to a formula due to its pre-activated liquid format. A   formula supplemented with the suspension agent is stable for several months at 45°C, with sustained suspension power and no   demixion or change in aspect, highlighting the suitability of the suspension agent for commercial consumer products.  

14,02 € each

plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

Online available
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