Aging Better: Clinical Approaches to the Visible Signs of Skin Aging

H. van der Hoeven, H. Prade

The consumer’s mindset concerning skin aging has dramatically evolved over the last 10 years. “Successful aging” and “better aging” have taken over from “anti-aging” – e.g. literature [1,2,3]. The skin aging process has many facets. The consumer, however, is mostly interested in the visible signs of skin aging and wants skincare products to provide effective support. Scientific literature tells us that there are three main factors in this context: skin topography (lines and wrinkles), evenness of skin coloration and ptosis/sagging – e.g. [4,5,6,7]. An active ingredient based on an extract of the red alga Galdieria sulphuraria was developed to provide support to the skin in aging better. In vitro studies showed that the ingredient was able to slow down the aging process under simulated stress conditions, which are known to play a role in the skin aging processes. The clinical efficacy of the ingredient, taking into account the aforementioned three main factors of visible skin aging, was assessed in depth and shown in this paper

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