Modern Ready to Use Disinfecting Wipes – What You Need to Know

A. Bhattacharya, E. Cooban, J. Gromadecki, I. Naseer, E. Pambou, L. Woollen

Modern disinfectant-cleaner products are one part of the solution in addressing cross contamination and infection prevention in hygiene critical environments. When choosing a disinfectant cleaner, a holistic view should be taken opposite all the product’s attributes – antimicrobial efficacy is a critical aspect however, it is important to consider other product features like material compatibility, cleaning efficiency and ease of use. In this article we will focus on one of the fastest growing product segments – disinfecting ready-to-use (RTU) wipes. Modern, state of the art Disinfectant Cleaner RTU wipes for low level disinfection of hard surfaces are multifaceted products. These wipes offer efficacy against bacteria, yeasts and enveloped viruses combined with a spectrum of other important attributes ranging from fast contact times, one step disinfection and cleaning, delivery of very good surface aesthetics, broad and very good material compatibility, surface wetting for the recommended contact time, high quality substrates through to optimised cost-in-use. This article will explore the concept of effective, modern Disinfectant Cleaner RTU wipes.

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