The Vitalizing Effect of Sphingomonas Panaciterrae

M. Coirier, H. Muchico, E. Aymard, B. Closs

Ginseng is known to cause numerous changes and deficiencies in its environment, impacting the availability of nutrients, especially nitrogen. To survive in this hostile environment, the Sphingomonas panaciterrae bacterium, present in the ginseng rhizosphere, deploys protective mechanisms via the production of sphingane-type Exopolysaccharides (EPS). It exhibits for itself and its host bio-protective and bio-stimulating properties, granting it an incredible “vitality capital” that SILAB has chosen to enhance through a unique biotechnological process that led to the development of REVILIENCE®. By reactivating the biological pathways related to metabolism and protection in deficient skin, this natural active ingredient restores the skin’s “vitality signature”, thus providing radiance-boosting and hydrating benefits.

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