Color Me Beautiful en-EN

X. Petsitis, L. Heider

In the field of color cosmetics, color matching for expressive shades is becoming increasingly challenging. One reason is the limited selection of approved and formulation-stable color pigments. The options are particularly limited for stable blue and green tones. In addition, there are formulation and regulatory hurdles, especially for red color tones, that any new color formulation must overcome as calls for a vegan carmine alternative are getting louder.

There are several new effect pigments presented in this article, the use of which eliminates any formulation barriers for blue or green. Examples for expressive shades and attractive eyecatchers serve as the basis for new color developments. Additionally, a vegan, red pearlescent pigment that is universally applicable and can serve as an alternative, stable carmine base is introduced. Attractive color pigment mixtures are explained, suitable for all application forms (emulsions, pencils, powders, etc.)..   

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