Unleashing Cosmetic Creativity With Multifunctionality An ingredient or formula that “does it all” – the dream of every formulator and customer

I. Waller, A. Tahon

Multifunctional cosmetics are best-sellers. They serve multiple roles and give the feeling of a cost-efficient product – a valuable benefit in uncertain times. “Hybrid Beauty” is a buzz word often used in the industry. In this case, hybrid has nothing to do with cars or engines. It means combining different technologies or ingredients to obtain a formula with several advantages. The best example might be BB creams or cleansing balms. A BB (Blemish Balm) offers coverage (like a foundation), combined with an SPF and skin care ingredients (like a daily moisturizer). It therefore incorporates three products in one. Other market examples are cleansing balms. Gone are the days with harsh sulphate-based cleansing gels that strip the last bit of sebum from the skin. Modern cleansing balms offer effortless make-up removal (as make-up is lipid-based), a fun transformation on the skin and leave a supple nourishing feel after rinsing. As good as this may sound, it is difficult to develop market concepts offering multiple benefits – not only from a formulation point of view, but also considering the ingredients available on the market. Especially if the requirements are for naturality and sustainability. A good multifunctional ingredient enables the use in all kinds of concepts from emulsions or rinse-off formulas to anhydrous formulas. And, in best case, it also has different functions in all these products.

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