Nature Derived Styling Polymers with Heat Protection Benefits

L. Kulcsar, D. Streuli, P. Vichare, T. Clemons, R. McMullen, T. Gillece, C. Alonso

As more and more consumers make eco-conscious decisions, demand for sustainable, biodegradable cosmetics is increasing, and hair care is no exception. Hair styling products are performance-driven, with customers expecting the eco-friendly product offerings to deliver equal or superior performance as their traditional synthetic counterparts.

Ashland’s proprietary Styleze™ es (eco-styler) polymer line is plant-derived with an exceptional performance and sustainability profile. These polymers deliver an outstanding styling and sensorial experience, giving formulators the ability to create products for unique and personalized hair styles, that protect hair from the everyday grooming damage.

14,02 € each

plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

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