Microbiological Requirements for Water used in Cosmetics Production Part 2: Sampling and control analyses

U. Eigener, L. Maksym, J. Nussbaum, M. Pflock, U. Rossow, R. Simmering (Members of the DGK specialist group “Microbiology and Industrial Hygiene”)

Part 2 outlines how water used as a raw material or for cleaning purposes in the manufacture of cosmetic products should be tested in microbiological control studies to ensure that it meets the microbiological quality requirements. For this purpose, samples must be taken from the water treatment system. Samples should be taken according to a defined sampling plan, based on the history of results in terms of number of samples and sampling frequency, at different points in the plant. Sampling points must allow adequate sampling. Sample quantities should be sufficient for the chosen method of analysis. Requirements for transport and storage of samples must be fulfilled. Samples must be analysed by specified appropriate methods, e.g. based on the methods of the Drinking Water Ordinance (German). The methods should be selected in such a way that it is possible to determine the number of bacteria (quantitative) and also to identify the species of microorganisms found (qualitative) and to evaluate the results with regard to the quality requirements.

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