Capacitive Contact Imaging – New Clinical Screening Method for Aluminum Free Products

B. Malcher, M. Brandt, G. Springmann, S. Bielfeldt, K.P. Wilhelm

Although a natural function of the skin, perspiration and the odor it produces is considered offensive in many cultures, andAlthough a natural function of the skin, perspiration and the odor it produces is considered offensive in many cultures, andconsequently products addressing this problem are in high demand. Antiperspirants and most deodorants are normallyformulated with aluminum salts. However concerns over environmental safety, health and wellbeing are driving innovation innew directions.A wider appreciation of the effects of antiperspirants and deodorants on the skins natural microbiome is taking centrestage, and the desire for more natural microbiome friendly products is leading to new development, both in formulationsand performance testing methods. In order to investigate the efficacy of antiperspirants at the early stages of development,a screening test based on the gravimetric sweat determination, by applying cotton pads to harvest the sweat,is preferably used. However, this standard test does not work with all aluminum-free antiperspirants, especially thosecontaining film forming actives where the contact with cotton pads may lead to a measurement bias. In the present workwe describe a new screening method using Capacitive Contact Imaging in which the sweat reducing effect of a newgeneration of non-plug forming actives can be evaluated without application of pads to sample the sweat. In evaluatingthe method, a differentiation between the effect of different substances was observed. In summary, Capacitive ContactImaging with appropriate image analysis is a reproducible and innovative approach for the efficacy of non-aluminumcontaining, as well as aluminum containing antiperspirants, especially for those for which gravimetric methods fail toproduce accurate results.

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