Photostabilisation: The Key to Robust, Safe and Elegant Sunscreens

F. Feng, E. Zhang

During the photostabilisation process, the excited state energy of a light-absorbing species is removed by energy transfer and/
or by an electron transfer quenching mechanism. By thus returning it to its ground state, this process stabilises light-absorbing
species, which prevents photodegradation and the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Hallstar has pioneered
photostabilisation technology to promote effective sun protection and comprehensive photoaging prevention. Our photostabilisers
for UV filters protect photolabile UV filters from decomposition and shield photosensitive UV filters from generating ROS.
A paradigm shift from UV filter protection resulted in the development of our revolutionary anti-aging technology based on
stopping photosensitisers in skin from generating any ROS when excited by light.
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