Global Ingredients & Formulations Guide 2016, Online

Innovations for Skin & Hair Care in a Multicultural Market

The GIFG 2016 sheds light on how to meet the requirements for Halal and Kosher Products, how stem cell technology can be useful in sun care formulations, which ingredients are efficient for specific hair care issues while meeting the standard of sustainability, which natural solutions have been found to take care of sensitive skin
and how phytoestrogens can be used in anti-ageing formulations. The readers will also receive some insight in pigment dispersion, olfactory analysis technology and the pros and cons of high performance liquid chromatography.
Chapter I – Religious Requirements for Cosmetics
Cosmetics According to Religious Precepts: Halal Products and Kosher Products
(Andrea Wanninger, Ricarda Kohlen)
Chapter II – Skin Care
Harnessing the Power of Nature to Illuminate the Skin
(Delphine Rival, Philippe Moussou, Valerie Andre-Frei)
Purified Fraction of Polysaccharides Extracted from Quinoa Seeds:
Innovative Active Ingredient with Immediate Lifting and Anti-Wrinkle Effect
(Lorena Sanchez, Cristina Thiebaut)
A Holistic Approach to Soothing Sensitive Skin
(Veronique Maurin, Imke Meyer und Cornelia Jones)
Challenging the Force of Gravity
(Julia Comas, Cristina Davi, Elena Canadas, Albert Soley, Raquel Delgado
Lichen, Moss and Ferns)
Untapped Source of Effective Foot and Skin Care Actives
(Stefan Banziger, Stefan Hettwer, Brigit Suter, Barbara Obermayer)
Equol – a Topically Applied Phyto-Oestrogen Improves Skin Characteristics
(Christina Urbanek, Berit Hippe, Diana Gessner, Helga Fiala, Alexander G. Haslberger)
GENENCARE™ OSMS: Unlock the Power of Nature
(Piera Pericu, Carole Gherardi, Andre Krouwer, Hans Lambers)
Chapter III – Hair Care
Amaranth Active Ingredients Solve Typical Brazilian Hair Problems
(Hagen Doring, Blanca Martinez-Teipel, Laura Gallego)
Novel Esterquat as High Performance Conditioning Agent
with Improved Sustainability Profile
(Peter Schwab, Ursula Westerholt, Uta Kortemeier, Verena Dahl, Jochen Kleinen)
Chapter IV – Sun Care
ARABIAN COTTON PRCF – A Synergistic Sun Care and Skin Care Approach
(Oscar ExpositoTarres, Sara Laplana Lasierra, Maria Mas Duarte, Susana Martinez Ferrero)
The Challenge of Making Non-Nanometric Inorganic UV Filters
(Pilar Leret, Julian Jimenez, Jose Francisco Fernandez)
Chapter V – Colour Cosmetics
Wetting Agents – Multifunctional Ingredients in Colour Cosmetics
(Alexander Thiemann, Sabrina Grone, Manuela Salmina-Petersen, Jan Janichen)
Chapter VI – Cosmeceuticals
D’Cosmix™ Range of Cosmeceutical Blends
(Muhammed Majeed, Priti Vaidyanathan)
Chapter VII – Technology for Labs and Production
Aspects of Modern Chromatography
What Makes HPLC and UHPLC so Indispensable for Analysis or Development?
(Silke Schagen, Markus Fuchs)
Molecular Analysis for Determining Differences and Similarities
of Perfume Dupes
(Hansruedi Gygax, Nathalie Nibbe, Bjorn Maxeiner)
Chapter VIII – Market Research
Going the Extra Mile to Uncover the Secrets of Beauty
(David Paxton)
Chapter IX – Formulations
Body Care
Colour Cosmetics
Hair Care
Skin Care
Sun Care.
Chapter X – Company Index
Chapter XI – Suppliers’ Directory

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