sofw journal 10-2017, English, Online

home care
K. von Nessen, F. Weiher, M. Neubauer
Eco-friendly Disinfection with Lactic Acid
J. Velásquez, O. Forsberg, A. Zuberbuehler, S. Muresan
Surfactants as Rheology Modifiers – Cationic Thickeners
K. Henning
48th IDC International Detergency Conference
4–5 April 2017, Hilton Conference Centre, Düsseldorf, Germany, Part I
personal care
V. Low, St. Benn, M. Mihhailova, M. Jönsson, Th. Willers, Ch. Kolano
A Naturally Derived Polyglyceryl Ester: The Best of Both Worlds
L. Frazier
Nanosan® Nanofibers Represent the Next Breakthrough in Anti-Pollution Treatments
F. Wandrey, D. Schmid, F. Zülli
Rejuvenation through Epigenetic Science
S. Schlay, K. Schacht, A. Lohmann, U. Storzer
Breathable Nail Polish on the Basis of a New Blend:
A Complex of Water-based Polymer and Functional Vegan Silk
M. Mentel, J. Sauer, J. Meyer, P. Biehl
Taking Sensory from Nature
A. Rausch
Changes to Regulations on the Handling of Substances Hazardous to Water
sepawa news
F. Schambil
The Perfect Cosmetic Formulation, Conference of SEPAWA Specialist “CAT”
country focus
KahlWax: Color | Out of Antarctica Cheeks Cream Blush | CFR_004_01
Evonik: Evening Spot Hand Cream | CD 935/6
Omya: Foundation Containing Omyacare® S110-KP (5 %)
company news
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plus 7% VAT (Germany only)

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